Monday, December 31, 2012

Discover Jeddah : Acknowledgment

Welcome Visitors!!!

Perhaps some  of you are wandering, some are purposely looking for some  matters  about Jeddah, some  of you are  just referred by others, whoever you are, wherever you come from, let me open to you and give my warm Welcome to our blog site, this site is also  made  for you, the Discover Jeddah Blog.

The  purpose of this blog is to provide information, ideas, thoughts facts, whereabouts, and many things that will tell you/us more about Jeddah, Kingdom  of  Saudi Arabia. Yes, I said tell us, because I will also be  learning from this blog.  This is an  open spot wherein we will be sharing anything that will lead us and will  let us know more about Jeddah KSA. 

I will not jot down detailed Jeddah  history, for  I/we are  not  historians, nor describe the economic status  of Jeddah in  detail,  but I/we will input  some facts that we can compare with  old days of Jeddah and  other  places around the world, perhaps in the place where you are staying, and from there you will see  and  decide  for   yourself  how far Jeddah reached  its milestone.

Writer/s in this site are not professional writers, not even English language expert/s, but we will be making our best to  provide neat, clean, informative, simple,  useful topics that when somebody visits our site will leave empty handed.

I would like to thank in advance  to each and everyone  who will be visiting this site and to those who will be contributing useful topics that will unfold Jeddah KSA.

Again, we will be providing things that are Jeddah related topics that will be useful to each visitor.

I do hope that you will enjoy your travel as we  all together be discovering Jeddah. I do hope that you will be sharing topics in here to people  the that are in need. 

I am so grateful, and wishing to make and do something good for you,,,

Once again, let me welcome  you,,,,

This is your spot, this is our site,,,

Discover Jeddah!!!

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